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These guided meditations were recorded simultaneously without advance preparation. As you embark on this practice with the blessings of Guru Ram Das, a sacred space will be created in your consciousness that will bring deep alignment. May the Universe always bless your soul and all beings be healed.

These guided meditations are based on the ancient science of Surti Dhiana, which is one of the most ancient techniques of self realization based on the power of visualization and divine alignment. These ancient formulas were given in this age for the modern man who is living under high stress and longing to find happiness and peace. It is recommended to do a 40-day practice of each meditation.

The whole of existence is in a very relaxed movement except man. Connecting to the natural flow through these meditations, you will know that the trees are growing, birds are chirping, rivers are flowing and stars are moving all in a very relaxed way. In letting go, life will be full of bliss and you will be able to sense the divine choreography of each moment.


1. Journey to the Golden Temple Within

Im saying to you that you should take hold of your Golden Temple. Yogi Bhajan, Aug 16, 1975 The outer Golden Temple, also known as Hari Mandir Sahib is located in Amritsar, India and is the reflection of the inner Golden Temple which exists in everyone. The entire spiritual architecture of the Hari Mandir Sahib, is based on the inner awakening of a human being. It is the seat, the Throne of Raj Yoga in which exists our higher consciousness that is always subtlety guiding us onto the path of Dharma. In this powerful meditation, we travel to that seat of our higher consciousness and enter into Samadhi, the state of union with our higher self. As the chattering of the mind stops, the guiding love and compassion of Guru Ram Das enters and peace fills your entire being.

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