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Talkback 8
What’s New in our Global Community 9
Authentic Relationships 10
Sat Darshan Kaur recaps the launch of Level 2 Teacher Training
2007 Numerology Forecast Nam Hari Kaur explains why the answer lies in the number nine 13
Transformation 15
A personal and organizational reflection by Sopurkh Kaur, Director of Spiritual Trust
Bound Lotus 17
Susan Jacobs is transformed by one of the most difficult kriyas in Kundalini Yoga
The Power of Naad Yoga
Nirvair Kaur tells how the sound current of Japji Sahib changed her at a cellular level 19
Habits and Alchemy 21
Shakti Parwha Kaur illustrates that “Doing is Believing”
The Sacred Amrit Ceremony 22
Ravitej Singh shares how this divine ceremony enriched and enlivened the Eugene Community
Maha Shakti Chalnee Indra Mudra 24
A Transcendental Meditation
Meditation of Change 26
Living in Love 27
A lecture by Yogi Bhajan from June 1970
Prosperity Paths The Art of Giving Back
God We Trust 29
Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on October 6, 1989
Challenging the Mind 31
Darshan Kaur explores how by stretching the mind to give in faith, we receive tenfold
Kundalini Yoga 32
Subagh Kriya, known to turn misfortune into prosperity, fortune and good luck
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Directory 35
Celebrate Peace 55
Snatam Kaur’s first European Tour Reaches Thousands

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