Click to enlargeSenses of the Soul <br>by Guru Meher Singh

Senses of the Soul is a breakthrough in mental and emotional health. It guides you to use troubling emotions as a friendly source of solutions to whatever is bothering you. It is both resource and workbook with information and practical exercises that will give you the immediate experience of handling your heaviest feelings, and knowing how to resolve them at their source.

An illustrated guide with meditations and exercises to help you surmount even the most uphill of emotional struggles.

Discover the SOS Method. Emotions are the senses of your soul. Recognizing emotions as guides and allowing them to help you transcend suffering and thrive will lead to a peaceful, abundant life.

Senses of the Soul reveals how to:

- Allow your emotions to serve you rather than control you.
- Find answers on your own to solve problems instantly.
- Quit living with pain and past trauma, and resolve issues at their source.
- Trust yourself and maintain personal power within relationships.
- Discover strength in sensitivity and gain control over how you feel.

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