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- Yogi Bhajan 2 DVDs

Meditations on Death & Dying with Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. Set with 2 DVDs with selected lectures of Yogi Bhajan (language: english). This DVD-set is also being used for the Teacher Training.

Inhalt / contents:

Living Weightlessly and Breaking the Bonds of Earth: In this meditation Yogi Bhajan guides you toward living weightlessly, lightly. What are the thoughts that weigh us down, tie us to our karmas? How do we break through them at the moment of death? Practice now! Live now! And die with face and grace.

Crossing the Hour of Death: This beautiful meditation guides you through a conscious death—leading you into the pranayam of dying; journeying toward the light, the icy realms, floating free of Earthly concerns; and consciously releasing your Self—die into life.

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