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Bidet - USABidet The Ultimate Bathroom Accessory for Men and Women

Bidets, used as hygienic irrigators, offer the user a hands-off, natural and soothing water wash in place of the wiping and occasionally irritating action of toilet paper. Bidets are commonly used to relieve the inflammatory symptoms of hemorrhoids, reduce the recurrence of cystitis and vaginitis, as well as the soreness associated with diarrhea. Bidet use is also recommended for cleansing during menstruation and postpartum recovery. Post operative irrigation following colorectal surgery or fissure repair are other applications recommended by our clients' personal physicians.

Bidets are frequently employed as part of the hygienic care program for the elderly and physically challenged. The USABIDET personal washer, because of its moveable water source, is able to administer localized washing. When employed as an aspect of daily personal care, bidet use has been reported to reduce the frequency of many ailments common to the perianal area. Bidet use will leave the user with a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

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