"Anywhere on this earth, wherever you'll be, you will be recongnized as a woman, the art and science will never be any different; because woman is an art to live by the science of it. You have to qualify and classify your own characteristic behaviour. If the past and its weaknesses, the shallowness and the hollowness of childhood, if the fear of the future and the dreadfulness of confronting tomorrow takes away your selfesteem, nobody can give it back to you." The art and science of the Succesfull Woman, 1986 Yogi Bhajan.

We have 19 volumes of this lecture series available, including the three featured here, spanning from the early 1980's up through the late 1990's. If you would like more information on these volumes, please call 800-359-2940 for retail, or 877-753-5351 for wholesale!

I Am a Woman Series
I Am a Woman Series

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