Click to enlargeJapji Sahib Book: The Song of the Soul.

Japji Sahib gives us an understanding of the Total Comprehensive Reality of the Divine and leads us to living in the flow of our own Infinity as humble human householders on the earth.

The Sacred Way of the Sikhs began with Guru Nanak's divine song of Japji Sahib as a universal path of acceptance, wisdom and love. Guru Nanak traveled far and wide in the 16th century through what is now northern India, Pakistan, Tibet, parts of the Middle East and Southwest Asia. He brought together people of all castes and creeds to sit together and lovingly sing meditative songs of the greatness of life and the song of the soul.

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Japji Sahib Book: The Song of the Soul. Translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa 17316$15.00

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