Mantra Series: Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib Music by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa with Thomas Barquee, and comments spoken by the master Yogi Bhajan.

This album contains 11 recitations of the Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib including English translation. It features the transforming sound of the voice of Yogi Bhajan commenting on this personal prayer of Guru Gobind Singh to God. Very exhilarating and upbeat rythmic version as well as a more meditative version.

This album really shows the skill and magic of Thomas Barquee's productions. Doing your workout or meditating deeply you will hear how "God had never been praised in a more beautiful way than in that Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib".

Mangala Charan - Satkirin CD w. voice of Yogi Bhajan 15303$18.00

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