Some of you may have seen a recent news flash on CNN about studies in England showing that cell phone usage can cause brain tumors over time. The electromagnetic waves that emanate can also cause damage to DNA. As a means of protecting oneself from these waves we offer the Neutralizer. It has 5 different rock elements in it which are highly paramagnetic. The neutralizer has the property of being able to flatten out or neutralize the waves which emanate from cell phones, microwaves, TVís and other electrical devices as long as itís placed within three feet of the device. With cell phones we recommend putting the Neutralizer disk into the area of the cell phone where the battery is. The Neutralizer has as adhesive backing to adhere to other electrical devices but with cell phones we recommend just dropping the disk in the battery and not adhering it. The Neutralizer needs no recharging and wonít wear out. It can also be switched to another cell phone if desired.

Neutralizer - Triple (3)
Neutralizer - Triple (3)


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